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The establishment of Royal Chancellor was created to help provide artist development, digital distribution and marketing/promotional services to an artist who has a dream of presenting their creative product to the world.  The main focus is to help bring the dream to life by allowing all types of artist, from Singers, Rappers, Comedians to Models to engage in the service that best meets their career goals.  The nature of our business will allow us to provide services from Artist Development, Management, Legal Representation, Digital Distribution and Promotion with artists with a budget. Every successful artist has a beginning; Royal Chancellor Entertainment wants to help create that sustainable infrastructure for the music industry.

Royal Chancellor Entertainment mission is to be committed to the process of building a relationship to help tap into the desire and passion of the artist. To extend the fan base to the maximum exposure potential through our relationship with top digital carriers like iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, and Google Play.  Royal Chancellor’s mission is to give the experience an up and coming artist needs to launch a successful career in entertainment industry.  Our goal is to inspire the artist to look beyond their imagination as to level of success they would like to achieve. Focusing on everything a hit artist needs to further their career at a fraction of the costs that are typical in the industry. We are a one-stop shop for artists around the world in all stages of their careers and will not be satisfied until the artist feels they are with the best of the best.  Our overall challenge is to become the leading pioneer in the entertainment industry of service provider in bringing the dream to life.

Rae Adams, ceo

I have had music in my life from very young age.  My mother, father, siblings uncles were all musically inclined in one way or another.  The level of musical diversity that surrounded me, allowed me to be introduced to all types of sounds.  I have been in all levels of Management from Operations to Contracts for close Thirty years. When I  began in the music industry in 2015, it seems very natural to organized a format of the vision of what I wanted to add to this industry.  I began working with and managing Award winning Charlotte Independent R&B/Pop singer, Jay’e R with his first project.  This has been an amazing experience that has taken us to places and levels we could not have imagined. I then took on the role as Assistant Director of Artist Development (A&R) for Protect Ya Neck Records/Wu-Tang Management. In my executive role with Protect Ya Neck Records, I was in charge of the A&R’s that were enhancing the development of their individual artist.

Royal Chancellor Entertainment was birthed as a way to develop and expand an avenue for an artist which provided more than just a record label. My vision is to see into the creative minds of each individual artist that dreams of providing something positive to the world and the music industry.  Royal Chancellor Entertainment will be digital distribution and a potential level of marketing for all types of artists. “I wanted to create something that could provide services to all artists looking to make it in the entertainment industry.”


Royal Chancellor offers packages for artist who are interested in enhancing their look to potential Record Labels or investors for better exposure.  Artist can choose from different packages from the Ultimate Management Package that includes all the packages to the more simple package of Social Media package. Contact us to find the best packages that works best for your career objectives.

The Management Team will be there to act on the behalf of the artist.  While covering all aspects of total operational of day-to-day functions and planning long term goal as well as personal decisions.  Conduct meeting advise and consultation for the direction of the artist career.  Covering the task of public relations, social media, marketing and advertising and special events including: negotiating contracting details and coordination of all travel logistics such as airline travel, hotel accommodations with promoters.  Making sure local ground transportation and miscellaneous requirements are all in order.

The team will have a license and experienced Entertainment Lawyer as legal counsel regarding legalities for performance contract, label negotiations along with management to represent artist best interest. Legal counsel will work in conjunction with management to meet the career goal of the artist. Legal package also includes the resources of a Master Criminal Attorney as for any unfortunate situation that may occur. (All Services and fees are subject to case by case development based on the Artist needs.

The Team handles public relations, social media, marketing and advertising campaigns and special events regarding Radio, Magazine, Interview training, Flyers, Photo Shoots helping to develop brand and all aspect to increase fan base & maximize exposure. Constant update to Royal Chancellor Major Social Media site of Photos, Events, Shows and New Music release for the artist.

The team will compile a full range of marketing ideas and connection with well know distributing services to give the maximize needs of our artist. Creating Website/EPK, Business Cards, Flyers, Music Distribution/ Booking of Studio Time, Videos/Videographer to enhance promotion. The network of digital retail partners will consist of all the major distributors such as Spotify, iTunes, Reverb nation, eMusic, Rhapsody, Napster, Pandora, Google Play and we will be constantly adding more to the list.

The team at Royal Chancellor Entertainment will manage all social site for the artist, along with conducting services as a publicist for artist brand.  Making sure all performances, interviews or anything of positive exposure is places correctly as well as controlling and Negative publicity.

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