THE ARTS ARE A great uniter. An incredible force. Something that people who differ on everything and anything else can have in common.


Royal Chancellor offers packages for artist who are interested in enhancing their look to potential Record Labels or investors for better exposure.  Artist can choose from different packages from the Ultimate Management Package that includes all the packages to the more simple package of Social Media package. Contact us to find the best packages that works best for your career objectives.

The Management Team Will Be There to Act on The Behalf of The Artist.  While Covering All Aspects of Total Operational of Day-To-Day Functions and Planning Long Term Goal as Well as Personal Decisions.  Conduct Meeting Advise and Consultation for The Direction of The Artist Career.  Covering the Task of Public Relations, Social Media, Marketing and Advertising and Special Events Including: Negotiating Contracting Details and Coordination of All Travel Logistics Such as Airline Travel, Hotel Accommodations with Promoters.  Making Sure Local Ground Transportation and Miscellaneous Requirements Are All in Order.

The Team at Royal Chancellor Entertainment offers services to monitor and maintain all Social Site for The Artist.  Acting as Publicist to Control any Negative as the Publicity, make sure all Performances, Interviews or Anything of Positive Exposure are displayed correctly on all thing affiliated with the Artist.  Our team will continue to update Photos, Events, Shows and New Music Release for The Artist.

The extraordinary talent of our graphic engineers will be able to create the Artist website, EPK’s, Business Cards, Promo Videos for New music release, Flyers for events, parties and shows, implement professional photos to all publication and creation of brand merchandise.  The art of digital design is a key element to allow the Artist product to have flare, style and eye-catching ability to attract the attention of any major label as well as expand the fan base.